Silcare Vintage gold powder effect 1g

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Silcare Vintage gold powder effect 1g

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Different dimension of nail design! We present four kinds of the Effect Powder, which is the powder with incredible effect when applied on nails. Thanks to them, you can create unique nail stylizations.

Mirror Effect Powder is an unquestionable bestseller: it’s a powder imitating a sheet of mirror. It enables to create glass effect perfect not only for special occasions. The Mirror is eye-catching and it can't be passed by indifferently.

Vintage Gold Effect Powder is a gold shade powder, which makes that even the simplest outfit doesn’t need any additions like jewellery. Luxury and elegance closed in the incredible powder. Thanks to it, nails are shining prettier than real gold.

Chrome Effect Powder makes unique metallic sheen of chrome silver. Stylish, shining nails with the chrome effect will fascinate and satisfy even the most demanding women.

Opal Mirror Effect Powder is a mix of mirror and chameleon effects, two of the most fashionable manicure trends. The powder marvels with the mirror shine and depending on the light angle gorgeously shimmers in blue, green, and purple, connoting a gem.

WAY OF USE: On a dark background apply Perfect Sealer UV Gel and cure it in 36 Watt UV lamp for 2 min. Gently rub the powder into cured gel by means of sponge-tip applicator or finger in a glove and apply a top coat.

NOTE: For better effects apply on a black background.