Silcare Top of tops 15 g

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Silcare Top of tops 15 g

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What do you expect from the top? Whatever you think - the answer is our Top of Tops No Wipe. The best of the best, the most durable of the most durable.

It owes its properties to the innovative Gloss Booster technology, which maximizes the use of light energy. Thanks to this, the top provides long-lasting shine and protection against chemicals or abrasion. We know that your nails must be ready for everything - quick repair of a defect in the car, washing the top of the dishes after the housewarming or help of a friend moving before a date of life awaiting you. The balance between flexibility and hardness is perfectly maintained; with Top of Tops No Wipe, your manicure will remain in excellent condition regardless of the situation.

You can use the product with colored, building gels, hybrid varnishes, as well as acrylic - so it is very versatile. The color and gloss remain the same until the next styling, and the only thing that may surprise you is the thought of how durable, shiny and indestructible your manicure can be. Now you can climb to the tops and enjoy life to the fullest, without worrying about your nails.


  •         it uses Gloss Booster technology
  •         perfect balance of hardness and elasticity
  •         high scratch and abrasion resistance
  •         provides high and long-lasting gloss
  •         resistant to yellowing
  •         works with the natural nail plate
  •         does not tarnish under the influence of household chemicals
  •         does not have a dispersion layer
  •         universal - for colored and building gels, hybrids, acrylic
  •         rare consistency

Usage: apply the top with a brush as the last thin gloss layer. Cure under UV (36 W) or UV-LED (48 W) lamp for 120 seconds