Silcare Flexy Hybrid Gel Solid Base 9g

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Silcare Flexy Hybrid Gel Solid Base 9g

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Are you dreaming about exceptionally durable stylization and a nail’s free edge that doesn’t chip off? Flexy Hybrid Gel Solid Base is a colorless base coat used under hybrid nail polishes characterized by maximum adhesion to the nail plate. Your manicure will be long-lasting like never before! Carefully selected ingredients provide perfect adhesion, thus the products can be used as a base coat under hybrid nail polishes and for nail extensions. Medium thick consistency enables comfortable work: base coat doesn’t overflow on cuticles ensuring ideal look of nails. It’s recommended to apply it under hybrid nail polish from Flexy Hybrid Gel line – together they form an indestructible duo.


  • cured under LED and UV/LED lamp for approx. 30 seconds
  • has medium thick consistency, so it doesn’t overflow on cuticles
  • enables nail plate extension
  • has self-leveling properties that enable creation of C curve and nail refill
  • easily soluble in acetone

Way of use: Spread one layer of gel with a brush on degreased nail plate and cure under LED or UV/LED lamp for at least 30 seconds.