Silcare Shimmer nymph graphite
Silcare Shimmer nymph graphite

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Silcare Shimmer nymph graphite

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Enjoy the magic of mysterious powder – create exceptional nail creations…

The delicate powder Shimmer Nymph sparkles with millions of particles, giving a spectacular effect of the water surface shimmering in the sunlight on your nails.

The Shimmer Nymph powder constantly conquers hearts of nail stylists with its uniqueness. After its application, nails catch the eye like the magnet. Depending on the light angle they shine with different colours, which looks spectacular. Its appearance also depends on the colour of the base, which make it looks almost completely different every time.    

Show the world magical nail creations made with Shimmer Nymph…

How to use: gently rub the product into the dispersion layer – of hybrid or gel, cover with shine adding product.