Semilac UV Gel Smart Gigant
Semilac UV Gel Smart Gigant

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Semilac UV Gel Smart Gigant

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The single most important product when it comes to creating perfect gel nails. Used in combination with the hardi shapers, you can create incredible fake nails without having to go down the route of acrylic nails. 

Place one of the nail extensions over your finger, and slowly build up the layers using the UV gel while curing each layer with the UV lamp. 

Once the nail is of the desired size, we can sculpt it with a nail file to get the perfect shape. After this, you can either leave it with the chosen gel or apply UV gel polish to add some colour. 

Don't worry if you apply too much; it can be shaped and sculpted using nail files and buffers. There are a variety of effects that can be brought to life using the Gel Expert and Gel Smart lines of UV gel. 

We stock a variety of colours which are perfect for a mixture of different styles without requiring an additional gel polish. 

Don't hesitate to start your Gel Polish adventure.