Semilac 'Banana'  100/180 Nail File

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Semilac 'Banana' 100/180 Nail File

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At Semilac, we develop our products following years of use within the salon environment because we believe that great accessories can only be created by testing them. If you are looking for a set of nail files that will allow you to achieve a salon quality finish, look no further.

Taking into consideration how much time you can potentially spend using a nail file to get the desired end result, our files have been developed to be comfortable in your hand and easy to use during those longer manicure sessions.

Whether you need a coarse grit for removing those tough overlays or a fine grit to create a smooth finish, we have a range of nail files for every task. Not only is there fantastic variety, but we have created a product designed for continuous use and high performance results to ensure you are never disappointed.