Color IT Premium Hybrid Gel 80

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Color IT Premium Hybrid Gel 80

Regular price €4.99

Color IT Premium. The Premium Class among the hybrid nail polishes in a fantastic price.

We implement more advanced formula, which gives the nails perfect look. Higher amount of pigment makes great covering effect of the nail plate with the chosen color. It is applied easily and quickly. Does not weaken the nail plate. It’s 100% removable with acetone or hybrid liquid remover.

Color IT Premium Hybrid Gel perfectly remains on nails, and its color is intensive, still fresh, does not become dull.


  • Optimal color saturation
  • Ideal covering with the one layer
  • New glass packaging

WAY OF USE: Apply on the base gel – 1 or 2 layers. Recommended curing time 2 minutes in the UV or 30sec/60sec UV/LED lamps. Secure the stylization with the top coat.