10 in 1 revolution pump Silcare

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10 in 1 revolution pump Silcare

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Revolutionary revolution! Silcare 10in1 Revolution Hybrid Gel now in a new airless package, which ensures:

  • precise spot application to nail plate or nail art brush
  • maximum use of the formulation – a little piston is being sucked up into the pump making the whole content of the bottle to move evenly
  • limits contact of the product with air

Silcare 10in1 Revolution Hybrid Gel is one product with 10 properties! You can use it to harden weak and brittle nails, build nails on a form or even extend and rebuild your nails. It can be applied alone or as a base under a colorful hybrid. It’s available in 2 colors: Clear and Light Pink.

The product is intended for all types of nails, even those very weak ones. It’ll make every hybrid manicure to stay exceptionally longer on your nails. Irreplaceable, innovative, revolutionary!

Silcare 10in1 Revoultion Hybrid Gel is:

  1. Base – ideally suited as a base under hybrid and gel manicure
  2. Curve creation – thanks to medium thick consistency and perfect self leveling properties, it works well for creating C curve, filling inequalities or replenishment of manicure
  3. Extension – appropriate thixotropy of the product enables to easily extend the nail plate on a form
  4. Mechanical and thermal resistance – the product shows perfect mechanical properties after curing and it ideally works with the natural nail plate; it’s not sensitive to temperature, thanks to this the stylization maintains its shape and hardness as well as is extremely durable
  5. Top – can be used as a top coat
  6. Strengthening – it physically strengthens the nail by creating a hard coating which protects the nail plate against the influence of external factors
  7. Natural hydrolyzed α-keratin
  8. Amino acids
  9. Minerals
  10. Vitamins

Amino acids, minerals and vitamins are included in the wheat germ extract and brewer's yeast extract.

Directions for use:

Base formulation: apply thin layer on natural nail plate and cure under 36 W UV-LED or LED lamp – 1 min. For nail extension, apply one thin layer, then two thicker layers.

Top formulation: cure under 36 W UV-LED or LED lamp – 1 min.