Silcare Base One Artisto Nail Art Gel 10 g

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Silcare Base One Artisto Nail Art Gel 10 g

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Base One Artisto Nail Art gel. Their thin consistency allows you to create unique designs on nails, and thin brush allows for precise finish styling. Expressive and strong colors make your hands work of art.

Exclusive, black, matt packaging presents perfectly in every exhibition.

HOW TO USE:  Apply gel to grinded gel or acrylic mass. Requires curing UV lamp power of 36 watts for approx. 60 sec.

Base One Artisto Nail Art. leaves dispersion layer, which need to be wiped  with Cleaner or directly apply shining gel. Designs can be created in avery possible layer, that gives unlimited possibilities for decorating. Everything depends on your creative imagination!

COLOR PALETTE: 20 colors