Semilac UV/LED 36w lamp
Semilac UV/LED 36w lamp

Nail Academy Ireland

Semilac UV/LED 36w lamp

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Uncompromising technology! 24W UV LED lamp. It cures all Semilac UV hybrids and gels. 12  months warranty.• two modes of curing: 30 seconds and 60 seconds,

  • cures colors in 30 seconds, strongly pigmented colors (001, 016, 031, 149, 150, 151) and Semilac gels in 60 seconds,
  • dimensions of the lamp - length: 21 cm, width 12 cm, height: 8 cm,
  • elegant and ergonomic design,
  • fifteen 1,6-watt LEDs,
  • combination of LED and UV light (365 nm + 405 nm) cures all Semilac gels and UV hybrids,
  • sensor that automatically start the lamp when you place there your hand, with automatic switch off.